Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thing 23 - Final Thoughts

I have enjoyed taking part in the 23 Things training. There are several things I found during the training that I will continue to use. I go to my igoogle page regularly and enjoy reading the articles on my google reader. Everyone should sign up for the Boing Boing feed. It's great. I was happy to have a reason to revisit Pandora radio and will keep listening to my Bowling For Soup station I set up. I love Library Thing and would like to say I will use it to keep a record of what I read, but I will likely keep using my notebook I've had for years instead. Even though I will never listen to an audio book, I'm glad I went through the process of downloading one so I will have firsthand knowledge of what our customers are experiencing.

Some of things I did were fun, but not something I would ever use again. While my meez is almost as good looking as the real me, I can't see ever using him in real life. I still don't see the use for a Rollyo search and don't bookmark enough to have a need for Still, I am happy to have had the experience with using them.

I think my favorite part of the process has been reading the blogs of my coworkers. It is always helpful to read of other's experiences. I always learn something new from that. I just don't like discovering that my blog was much more boring than other people's, but I believe I did mention the likelihood of boring posts when I began, so you were warned.

I would definitely take part in another training like this if offered. I enjoy the independent learning because I can even do it when I am in jail.

Friday, August 31, 2007

A new song about librarians

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Overdrive, Netlibrary, etc.

I have never listend to an entire audio book. I even had trouble with the Stephen King audio release, Blood and Smoke, and I am a huge King fan. So, I doubt I will make it through the title I download, but I will try.

At Dennis'recommendation, I went straight to Netlibrary. I was able to find a title of interest in the horror section and check it out. Unfortunately, I was told I didn't have enough space on my computer at Miller to download the book. I will try again from home and report back.

EDIT: Book downloaded successfully.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Of the three search tools listed, I liked podcastalley the best. Very easy to use and the easiest one to use to subscribe via my Google Reader. I subscribed to Libvibe and SimonSays, a Simon and Schuster poscast with author interviews. I like the idea of podcasts and can see how they can be useful, I'm just afraid I am not patient enough to listen to one unless it grabs my attention from the beginning. If I see a podcast is longer than 5 minutes, I won't even attempt to listen. I guess I have a short attention span.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Flickr revisted

I recently spent a week in NYC. If you are bored enough to look at my vacation photos they are here:

Zoho revisited


This is a post written on Zoho.  Last time I tried Zoho I had trouble getting to the site.  Normally, I would not have come back and just been happy with google docs but then I received a comment from someone at Zoho asking me to try again.  Everything worked fine this time and it seems easy to use.



Below is a video from my friend Brent's Youtube channel. He is the youth pastor at my church. The video is a group of our students dancing on a roof in Alaska. I really enjoy youtube and will be doing a film festival at Miller in the spring for teens and college students to screen their personal short films.

If you want to see some really funny videos go to and watch the Pearl videos with Will Ferrell.